About us

Since 1986, Aerostar has been known for their business expertise, bringing to market innovative signal processing products,  products which include, but are not limited to:

  • Free Space Precision Digital Goniometers;
  • High Precision Digital Magnetic Compasses;
  • Optical Detectors;
  • GaN – and GaAs-based MMIC Amplifiers;
  • Silicon – InGaAs Fusion Detectors;
  • LIDAR;
  • Low Cost Automotive and Robotic Laser Ranging and Detection.

Through identification, discernment and a strong focus on innovation,  Aerostar excels in system design and integration for a clientele that wants leading-edge solutions. Aerostar delivers competitive features in lighter, smaller and more intelligent packages rendered possible by recent technological advances.

Aerostar’s vision for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is to provide automotive manufacturers with reliable and cost-effective solutions. This vision is supported by a strong belief that the availability of  LIDAR technology for obstacle detection and collision mitigation is a pervasive game-changer that will increase the safety of all mobile platforms.

The resulting products are compact and affordable systems that shatter performance expectations and give fixed and mobile platforms an enhanced intelligence and understanding of their surroundings.

Aerostar is a privately held company located in Syosset, New York.



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