“Thoughts on the Road to Safer Driving” Jay Wee

“Thoughts on the Road to Safer Driving” Jay Wee

At Aerostar, our vision and mission was to create a technology that would revolutionize the future of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and serve as a benchmark for autonomous driving.  Throughout our efforts in the developmental phase, we asked ourselves what our approach would be in our ADAS solution and how it would be beneficial for the automotive market.

The answer was clear – the market lacked an affordable safety system that delivered consistent, reliable information.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over ten million motor vehicle accidents occur each year and at least thirty-five thousand people die annually due to motor vehicles.

Unfortunately, these figures are not an exaggeration and accurately date back to 1980.

It became clear to us that system improvements were necessary to reduce function error and that a more robust solution was needed to ensure a low-maintenance system that could function under any condition.  By recognizing that truly reliable information could not be solely dependent on either conventional video cameras or LIDAR systems, we developed a solution that would overcome the pitfalls of conventional systems.

Our reliable and cost-effective LIDAR fusion camera can transform the way we acquire and perceive obstacles – from cars to pedestrians to poles on the road.  Unlike human perception, which can be notoriously inaccurate and affected by weather conditions, lighting and most of all, driver distraction, our system accurately “sees” distance, speed, type of obstacle and time to impact.  And accurate perception provided by Aerostar’s LIDAR system, even if it adds just a few seconds of reaction time, can make all the difference between safety and a disastrous accident.

The major concern with LIDAR, known as a superior sensor but in the past considered too expensive, has been overcome thanks to Aerostar’s LIDAR design.  By utilizing a simple laser acquisition system that works like a conventional laser range finder but incorporates the software to think and make decisions much in the way humans do (except at much quicker and more accurate rates), Aerostar’s LIDAR system provides an efficient, cost-effective answer. This type of cost-effective LIDAR system is, in our opinion, a must and a prerequisite to achieve total autonomous driving in the future.

We believe that Aerostar’s LIDAR fusion solution will forever change the way we drive and will determine the technology implemented by automotive companies in cutting-edge safety systems.

We envision that our solutions will serve as a benchmark for future innovations in the ADAS field and will one day allow for autonomous driving to become a reality.

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