Aerostar presents concept of its automotive LIDAR

Aerostar recently presented the general architecture and opto-mechanical design of the first implementation of its LIDAR platform.

Aimed at the automotive industry, the system will have a relatively small form factor, fitting between the rear-view mirror of an automobile and the windshield.

Used to detect of obstacle and calculate their range and speed in real-time, the LIDAR sensor uses 7 separate detectors. The detectors cover a horizontal field of view (FOV) of more than 20 degrees and a vertical FOV of 12 of degrees. This configuration is optimized for the detection of obstacles on platforms navigating at low to medium speeds (from 0 to 50km/h).

The powerful programmable DSP-based sensor, completed by a Linux Kernel, will be easily adapted to a range of applications. The firmware can be customized for applications that need to detect obstacles or evaluate the range profile over a large field of view in real-time. Because of the modular architecture, the customer’s field of view requirements can also be integrated in a custom design.

The exclusive LIDAR technology developed by Aerostar, using no mobile parts, is robust and will provide refresh rates at up to 100Hz, making it suitable for mobile platforms that need quick reaction time.

The sophistication and finish of the mechanical design shows Aerostar’s commitment to quality and detail in the provision of development services to its customers.


Exploded 3D view

Exploded view of the automotive demonstration platform.

"Housing design

Housing design for (TRL6) generation


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