TRL-6 automotive LIDAR prototype now ready for testing

The TRL-6 prototypes of the Aerostar LIDAR sensor intended for the automotive industry are now complete and the first few units are assembled and ready for testing.

After a very short sprint, the compact DSP boards are now completed and basic functionalities have been validated.

For the first time since it was announced, a compact and robust LIDAR processing platform is now ready for field experiments.

With dimensions of approximately 15.5cm x 7.5cmx 4cm (excluding windshield baffles) the unit has now met the objectives of a compact, lightweight LIDAR platform that  can be embarked for obstacle avoidance for a variety of small navigation platforms, such as mobile robots, UAVs, industrial equipment and automobiles.

A formal series of qualification tests will be performed in the course of the next few months to prove the performances of the new platform.

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