Aerostar completed a road show for its LIDAR proof of concept

A prototype of the LIDAR architecture was recently demonstrated to some of Aerostar’s select international customers and partners, at their respective test sites.

Developed on a mix of commercial evaluation processing boards and custom developed optronics and interface components, the prototype was used to validate and demonstrate the capabilities of Aerostar’s unique digital signal processing architecture.

Using what is called “full waveform” digitization of the signature of a laser pulse at high sampling rates, the sophisticated LIDAR processing algorithms allow  the detection of obstacles over a range that is superior to comparable systems.

“This is a stepping stone for Aerostar R&D, as the tests and demonstrations  confirmed the validity of our processing architecture, and have demonstrated the potential for application in some pretty interesting fields of work.” said Aerostar R&D president Jean-Yves Deschênes, ”it gives us the confidence we need to proceed agressively with the next step, which is to complete the optimization of  the packaging of that prototype into a completely custom, robust and compact demo unit, that will be able to hit the road and withstand the conditions of real-life experiments .”

In “open air” (no windshield) demonstrations, the prototype, dubbed “PizzaBox”, was able to detect pedestrians at a range of 20 meters. Experiments with more reflective targets (vehicles, reflective tape) showed the potential for much greater range.



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